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Dr Martens to launch resale scheme with Depop collaboration

Jeremy Lim
30 May 2022

Dr Martens has revealed plans to enter the resale market through a new collaboration with online second-hand marketplace Depop.

As part of its ReSouled scheme, used Dr Martens boots will be repolished, given new laces, soles, heel loops and insoles before they are returned to the market at around 80% of the price for a new pair.

After raising the price of its classic 1460 eight-hole boots in the UK by £10 a pair to £159 in July, the lower priced offering is likely to have a wider appeal amid an increasing interest in sustainability.

Speaking to The Guardian, Dr Martens' Chief Executive Kenny Wilson said it was possible that refurbished or secondhand boots could account for up to 15% of sales in 10 years’ time.

Wilson said: "We think this is going to be a big part of how consumers shop in the future. This is part of something really important for the business longer term. Our incredible strength is the durability of the product. I can own a pair for seven or eight years and they are still perfectly good for someone else who wants to buy them.

"There are people of all ages saying they would rather buy something that is reconditioned rather than new. There are still lots of other people who do want new. It is about choice."

Whilst the heritage brand already has ongoing refurbishment partnerships with specialist refurbisher The Boot Repair Company and at its UK factory, Wilson added it was considering a much larger scheme. However, he noted that its partnership with Depop would need to be subject to extensive testing and would probably be tested for about six months before it moved to the next phase.

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