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Dr Martens announces new Global Creative Director

Sophie Smith
30 March 2022

Dr Martens has appointed Darren McKoy as its new Global Creative Director. Affectionately known as DMac, he is hoping to further champion the brand's history and heritage in his new role.

McKoy previously served as Global Category Product Director at Dr Martens and has previously worked for ASICS Europe, VF Corporation and Adidas.

Darren McKoy, newly appointed Creative Director at Dr Martens, said: "Taking on this new role has been quite a seamless transition because we have such talented designers and creatives. My responsibility, and it’s a massive responsibility, is to continue the custodian mindset that has got us to where we are today. It’s a truly an honour to be in this position and be surrounded by like-minded people who have a personal connection to Docs."

Adam Meek, Chief Product Officer at Dr Martens, said: "As Darren settles into his new role, it’s clear that he’s been instrumental in inspiring our product strategy. Darren has led from the front to reinforce our iconic, original product whilst inspiring innovation that always touches on our heritage - and importantly creating footwear that remains tough and durable. Protecting our feet and our brand."

Dr Martens

When asked about what the future holds for Dr Martens, McKoy concluded: "I see us continuing to do what we’re doing right now: building the classics, pushing new categories forward, and embracing the communities and cultures that champion the brand. We’ve always been driven by the creatives and rebels in society, so we want to keep elevating them and not just taking inspiration. We’ll continue to respect our past whilst looking towards the next generation of wearers and building them into the DM’s family."

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