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Diesel unveils 360-degree online fashion buying platform and showroom, HYPEROOM

Lauretta Roberts
25 June 2020

Diesel has unveiled a new 360-degree online selling platform and showroom, called HYPEROOM, which digitises the fashion buying experience.

Conceived by the Italian denim brand's parent group OTB with the support of Accenture, HYPERLOOM promises to "create immersive and emotional engagements with buyers and vendors" and bring fashion buying into the "new world".

“One must look for silver linings whenever and wherever possible. 2020 has sparked an urgency to accelerate what we can offer and accomplish in the digital space,” said Diesel CEO Massimo Piombini. “With this tool we have set a new benchmark for the industry, in regard to digital transformation. The HYPEROOM is the ultimate virtual buying experience.”

The brand said it aimed to emulate as much of the physical buying experience as possible and the HYPEROOM virtual space is based on the Diesel showroom in Milan. The experience starts for the buyer with a "digital window" showing "the mood and the most iconic pieces offered".

Diesel Hyperloom

From there buyers can explore, viewing mood videos of the Spring and Summer 2021 collections, which spotlight the key looks and drops of the season. Hallmark clothing and accessory pieces will be rendered in 360-degree displays while detailed 2D closeups with product descriptions will also be available.

Naturally, given Diesel's heritage, there is a particular focus on denim with video fits of each style and high quality rendered images to convey the touch and feel of the garment.

At the end of the process the buyer is connected with a live Diesel vendor who will speak about the collection and walk the buyer through the purchasing process.

As well as speaking to Diesel's desire to digitise its business, HYPEROOM also plays into sustainability as the brand will be able to reduce the number of samples it creates as well as reducing the need for buyers to travel to view new collections.

With many fashion shows and trade shows cancelled for 2021 (Copenhagen and Paris Fashion Weeks, along with the Premiere Vision fabric fair are among the few that are taking place this year), the concept of digital showrooms and exhibitions is gathering pace.

London Fashion Week replaced its June men's showcase with a unisex digital offering, powered by the JOOR platform, with its next edition in September expected to be a mix of digital and live presentations.

Recently a new ground-breaking digital wholesale platform BrandLab Fashion was unveiled in the UK, which employs virtual reality to emulate a brand's physical showroom. Features of the platform include one to one buying appointments, as well as allowing buyers to view products in their own time to add directly to their wish-list, and pre-recorded sales presentations. Brands can choose from pre-set themes or create a fully bespoke branded experience.

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