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Diesel launches new MOON omni-channel platform

Tom Bottomley
29 May 2020

Italian jeanswear giant Diesel has launched a new omni-channel operating platform to upgrade the brand’s global digital retail operations, called MOON.

With advanced technology being key to the world of the modern fashion shopper – especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic – Diesel decided it needed to strategically own, manage and map its digital evolution with the new 360-degree system.

Previously, parts of Diesel’s web operations had been outsourced, but in March and April of 2020 the brand quietly assumed 100% control.

The escalation and spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behaviour patterns – permanently for some - and omni-channel experience has quickly become omnipresent.

E-commerce accounted for 12% of Diesel’s business in 2019, and the revenue stream is driving double-digit growth figures year-on-year, hence the focus on the upgrade.

MOON took 13 months to finalise, which was much faster than anticipated given the pressure to quickly adapt under COVID-19. For consumers, MOON offers a smooth, easy and all-in-one shopping experience. Shopping options are unlimited, in that all of Diesel’s current global stock will be integrated and buyable through the new model.

The aim is to make shopping frictionless, with increased service levels, easy returns in-store, same day pick-up in all stores, same day delivery in key cities and a pre-ordering option.

A statement on the launch says: “In the near future, the act of shopping will become highly personalised in the digital space, with data-driven approaches set to elevate and edit user-specific interfaces as more purchases are made.”

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