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Desigual unveils first jewellery collection

Sophie Smith
02 December 2022

Desigual has launched its first-ever jewellery collection featuring 57 pieces plated in 18-carat gold or sterling silver.

Designed from a genderless perspective, the new collection features "unique, bold designs" to help express the personality of those who wear them.

The line-up includes rings, earrings, pendants, chokers and bracelets, which incorporate melting hearts, handcrafted textures, abstract butterflies and Spanish messages such as "amar hasta arder", which translates to "love till you burn".

The collection was designed by the daughter of Desigual’s Founder, Gala Meyer. She worked closely with the brand's product specialists on the manufacturing of the pieces.

Commenting on the collection, Gala Meyer said: "The words that define the collection are transformation, connection and love. The pieces represent the process of self-discovery, of seeing the person you have become and loving yourself more than ever. At the same time, they are also an ode to the polar opposites – the cold and the heat; the light and the dark – that exist when in love.

"This project has been an honour and has made me realise what a huge influence Desigual has had on me. I have grown as the brand has grown. Thomas Meyer has been instrumental in my development and I have been nourished by him and the project."

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