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Dedicated sustainability event announced for Milan Fashion Week

Tom Shearsmith
09 January 2020

The first event completely dedicated to sustainability and innovation in fashion is due to take place during Milan Fashion Week.

“WSM Fashion Reboot” presented by WHITE, aims to bring together a number of international fashion brands from all over the world, all committed to sustainability including Bethany Williams, Patrick McDowell, Vivienne Westwood, Wrad, Mikolaj Sokolowski, Tiziano Guardini, Boyish Jeans and others – as well as institutions such as Fashion Revolution and Elle MacArthur Foundation, start-ups, textile companies, all together to promote and create a concrete change.

The goal of the event is to promote real change in the industry, thanks to a factual collaboration, resulting from a collective effort. The important initiative spearheaded by WHITE also aims to enhance what the fashion world thinks of Milan through a clear-cut goal: becoming the dedicated location for circular and sustainable fashion, with innovation and research.

Massimiliano Bizzi, founder and president of the White Milano show said: "With these new projects WHITE once again shows its courage to design a truly innovative event that looks to the future of our sector. Our goal is to turn WSM Fashion Reboot into a reference point for all those businesses, institutions and individuals that promote projects aimed at sustainability. Through this first edition we will show that, although sustainability is a relatively recent topic, there is already an extremely rich and diversified panorama of environmentally conscious large, small and medium-sized businesses."

WSM Fashion Reboot also stages an important focus on innovative start-ups, ranging from fashion to services, like Archilabcosmetic dedicated to beauty and 1Trueid app, which focuses on traceability. On top of that, the space dedicated to WSM SMART Contest “Sustainable Manufacturing and Responsible Innovation Technologies”, an initiative organised by WHITE and coordinated by Francesca Romana Rinaldi to enhance the start-ups that offer sustainable products and services to revolutionise the fashion system by implementing responsible innovation.

Among the 20 selected to partake in WSM Fashion Reboot, 10 will be awarded during a special event on 11th January (2.30pm-5pm). The finalists will be assessed by a jury of opinion leaders, buyers and journalists, who will announce 2 winners.

The event includes installations, displays, innovation and a rich calendar of activities and workshops to involve not only professionals, but the city of Milan itself.

WSN Fashion Reboot at Milan Fashion Week takes place 11-12 January 2020.

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