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Decathlon UK launches new fund supporting active lifestyles

Sophie Smith
05 November 2021

Sports and outerwear retailer Decathlon has unveiled its new Health and Wellbeing Community Fund, sponsoring physical activity and local sporting partnerships.

In partnership with Art-Invest Real Estate, the fund will support active lifestyles in London's Canada Water region.

The partnership will spend £200,000 over the next five years to sponsor initiatives, events and activities to benefit the local community.

This follows the launch of the Canada Water Dockside project, which is currently facing a six-year development plan to will invest and contribute towards Canada Water’s town centre.

Delphine Mazillier, Decathlon UK’s Community Impact Manager, said: “Canada Water was the site of our first UK store and is our UK headquarters, so this five-year partnership shows our commitment to serving the local community is as strong as it has ever been.

“We want to inspire everyone to lead healthy and physically active lifestyles and the best way to do this is by directly engaging with our local community."

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