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Cubitts opens 12th store in London’s Belgravia

Tom Bottomley
09 December 2021

Spectacle maker Cubitts has today announced the opening of its 12th store, located in the heart of London’s Belgravia at 43 Elizabeth Street, bringing its unique frames to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the first time.

The new addition to the brand’s retail portfolio follows hot off the heels of last month’s opening in Victoria Arcade, Leeds. Cubitts also opened a store in Cambridge in June this year, and one in Brighton in 2020.

To mark the opening of the new Belgravia store, Cubitts is releasing an exclusive collection of three frames, “taking inspiration from iconic English gardens”. The three feminine frames, a delicate cat eye frame called "Wisley", a square oversized frame called "Hyde" and "Hilltop" – an oval frame with titanium temples – form the new and store exclusive Belgravia Collection.

Designed by Alexy Kos and Che Huang of London-based Child Studio, the store draws influences from the architectural legacy of master builder Thomas Cubitt, who created the masterplan for large areas of Belgravia, and is credited for defining the architectural appearance of this area of London.

The interior aims to restore and highlight the original features of a classic townhouse, and the intimate domestic nature of the space is highlighted through a selection of iconic modernist furniture, art pieces from Anni Albers and others, plus a reclaimed fireplace, creating a contemporary interpretation of the classic drawing room.

Bespoke display shelving in the store has been designed to reference the room dividers of Eileen Gray, the pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture.

Cubitts is committed to championing like-minded businesses and has partnered with a London florist to create a floral display design to showcase the exclusive Belgravia frames.


Cubitts Founder, Tom Broughton, said: “We're delighted to be opening the doors of Cubitts Belgravia, in the heart of effortlessly beautiful Elizabeth Street. The design is a celebration of the legacy of master builder Thomas Cubitt - not only the pioneer of Elizabeth Street, but the inspiration behind our name, as we were founded on Cubitt Street in King's Cross.

“Our store is our reinterpretation of his iconic Belgravia townhouse, refined and understated, taking additional inspiration from the hugely influential Eileen Gray, who lived nearby.”

Listen to our recent In Conversation, in partnership with Klarna, podcast with Cubitts founder Tom Broughton here.

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