Clarins opens first overseas research lab in China

French skincare brand, Clarins has opened its first overseas research laboratory in Shanghai, to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese beauty market.

The new lab spans more than 500 square meters in the Shibei High Technology Park.

Located in the Jing’an District, the lab uses advanced devices and technologies imported from US and Europe, such as 3D photography and a blood perfusion imaging system, to test the effects of Clarins’ products on Chinese customers.

Its research direction will primarily focus on in vitro, sensory and clinical experiments.

Clarin’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Zrihen said: “The China market has always been the strategic focus of Clarins.”

“Two years ago China became the largest market for Clarins. We are very grateful to Chinese consumers who appreciate our innovative products.”

“With all the support and love for Chinese consumers, we believe that the establishment of Clarins China Lab in Shanghai will have a significant impact to develop future products, to understand better consumers expectations and to solidify our position in the China market, which is the biggest skin care market in the world.”

Clarins’ Managing Director, Olivier Courtin-Clarins, also added he is planning to explore traditional Chinese medicine through R&D.

He said: “In 1999, we visited China for the first time and saw great potential for the China market with our local partners.”

“The opening of the Clarins China Lab allows the brand to better understand the skin of Asian women with cutting-edge technology.

“We hope that this laboratory can not only provide ideas on new products for the Asian market, but also bring innovation to markets in other regions of the world.

Clarins opened an office in Jing’an in 2010, and it became the group’s regional headquarters in June this year. Last month, the brand established an e-commerce company in Jing’an.