Charles Jeffrey-Loverboy creates exclusive womenswear collection for

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Menswear designer Charles Jeffrey Loverboy has created his first womenswear capsule collection, which is to be sold exclusively via

The Awrite Hen…? collection comprises 18 pieces featuring signature Charles Jeffrey Loverboy pieces reimagined for women or, in some cases and in the true gender-fluid spirit of his men’s line, left entirely as they are.

Jeffrey’s signature “drunk” tailoring anchors the collection, with oversized, slouchy silhouettes with deliberately awkward shapes created through knotting and twisting. Shrunken logo hoodies, shredded knits and structured skirts also feature.

“Since beginning this project I could see really clearly a group of women who it’s intended for – lots of different profiles but what really ties them together is that they’re real. Hardly any make-up, almost scrubbed skin,” said Jeffrey of the collection, which is entirely made in the UK.

“The women in my life have been wearing our collections since the beginning but it’s been a thrill to develop these pieces specifically with a woman in mind,” he added.

Photographer and filmmaker Matt Lambert worked with Jeffrey on a campaign to mark the collection, which tells a dark, magical story via the Scottish tradition of a “waulking song”. Ancient folk songs are performed by groups of women rhythmically beating fabric against a table to a soften it.

Jeffrey and Lambert created the campaign via references including Michael Lucid’s cult 1996 documentary, Dirty Girls, horror classic The Wicker Man and Disney’s Hocus Pocus.

“The energy and history of waulking songs speak to me so much. They are about finding magic in human connection, a kind of therapy through hard work,” Jeffrey explained.

Awrite Hen…? by Charles Jeffrey Loverboy launches on 7 February at with prices ranging from £189 to £1,430.