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Centre:MK, Vuori and ex Net-A-Porter CEO are celebrating sustainability achievements this week

Camilla Rydzek
20 April 2022

From receiving a sustainable achievement award to accomplish carbon sequestration goals and pledging funds to restore degraded landscapes - shopping centre Centre:MK, activewear brand Vuori and former Net-A-Porter CEO's Fashion Task Force are celebrating their continued efforts to shift the fashion industry towards a more circular and sustainable future.

Centre:MK Milton Keynes celebrates sustainable achievement award 

Centre:MK in Milton Keynes, which claims to be one of the top 10 retail destinations in the UK, has been recognised for its sustainability achievements over the last 24 months with a Green World Award. This acknowledges the centre's commitment to sustainable practices and their pursuit to ensure the Grade II listed building is as environmentally friendly as possible. Initiatives include installing a carbon neutralising roof system that has converts 30,000kg of carbon and reduced landlord-controlled carbon emissions by 15% over the past year, and also harvests rainwater. It has also diverted 100% of waste from landfills, and has reduced gas and electricity usage. 

Vuori achieves climate neutral certification for the third year in a row

Californian activewear brand Vuori, which recently launched in the UK market, has achieved its climate neutral certification for the third time in as many years, as it continues to measure its greenhouse gas emissions footprint and offset this by purchasing verified carbon credits, as well as implementing plans to reduce emissions in the next year and beyond. In 2021 it offset a total of 32,705 metric tons of CO2 through partnerships with companies that restore degraded forests and support clean energy. Joe Kudla, Founder and CEO of Vuori discussed the brand's sustainability initiatives in a recent interview for's InConversation podcast series.

Marchetti's Fashion Task Force celebrates new Regenerative Fashion Manifesto 

The Sustainable Market Initiative's Fashion Task Force, which is chaired by former YOOX Net-A-Porter Group CEO Federico Marchetti, has announced the launch of a new manifesto that commits brands to shift towards a regenerative fashion system. It envisions a circular industry that is "inclusive, climate and nature-positive" and creates value chains that are based on regenerative landscapes. These are "resilient, biodiversity-rich and deforestation-free" and sequester carbon while growing food, materials for the fashion industry or energy sources. The regenerative landscapes are also meant to empower local and indigenous communities. As part of the manifesto it is also investing £829,000 (€1 million) in a project in the Himalayas that will restore degraded landscape into new wildlife habitat and sustainable farming land, with the aim of recovering traditional textile craft skills in order to enhance the local cashmere, cotton and silk economies.

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