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Cast unveiled for new TV series set in postwar French couture house

Lauretta Roberts
02 February 2016

The Collection, an eight-part fictional TV series set in a post-war French couture house, is in production and will be available to view on Amazon Prime later this year. Casting has already begun and the show will be shot in England and Wales this Spring.

The daughter of Meryl Streep (whose turn as Miranda Priestley in 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, reportedly based on US Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour, has gone down in fashion history) Mamie Gummer has been signed to star, along with Richard Coyle, Tom Riley and Frances de la Tour.

The Collection will recount the story of two brothers Paul and Claude Sabine (Coyle and Riley) whose couture house is emerging from the dark days of Nazi occupation. De La Tour will play a scheming matriarch, while Gummer plays Paul Sabine's American wife.

According to writer and executive producer by Oliver Goldstick (who also produced US comedy drama Ugly Betty, which starred America Ferrara and Vanessa Williams, and was set in the fictional offices of Mode magazine), The Collection is “an entrepreneurial fable set at a pivotal moment in France’s history when fashion truly became a vehicle for transformation and re-invention".

Certainly in the era in question, Parisian couture was really beginning to make its mark globally and Christian Dior's controversial "New Look" (which some saw as a profligate waste of fabric) was launched in 1947.

Fashion certainly seems to be having a moment with film and TV producers. It has just been revealed that feted footwear designer Manolo Blahnik is to be the subject of a new documentary, which will feature a host of cameo appearances from high-profile fashion figures, and the late Alexander McQueen's life will be made into a new biopic later this year.

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