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Businesses to hear about energy bill support before year end
06 December 2022

Businesses will know about the future of the support they will get on their energy bills by the end of the year as many worry about the end of the current support in April.

The top civil servant at the business department said her officials had been trying to figure out which companies will need extra help after the support scheme becomes more targeted next year.

“We are currently working with HMT (His Majesty’s Treasury) on a review of the non-domestic energy support scheme,” said Sarah Munby, permanent secretary at the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Department.

“Ministers have talked about it becoming more targeted after April. The question is what does that mean in practice and what does it mean for sectors like hospitality?

“Our analysts have been doing very detailed work to look at things like how exposed people are to increased energy prices, how vulnerable they are in general – because clearly more economically vulnerable sectors will be more challenged.

“The original commitment was to publish by the end of this year, and we’re expecting to be on time with that, in order to give people a period of adjustment before any changes actually come into force in April.”

The Government promised to pay a significant part of company energy bills in September but said that the support would be seriously curtailed after six months.

John Lewis announced yesterday it is will lower its store temperature and Waitrose will move to ‘half lighting’ in an attempt to lower energy bills.

London’s annual Christmas lights display energy consumption will be cut by two-thirds in comparison to last year.

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