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Burberry promises staff across the world 18 weeks parental leave
21 November 2019

British luxury fashion house Burberry has guaranteed all employees around the world at least 18 weeks of leave when they have a baby or adopt a child.

From the start of April next year, anyone who has been with the brand for at least a year will benefit from the new policy when they have a child.

The move equalises all paternity, maternity, adoption and partner leave in Burberry’s stores and offices around the world, creating a simple structure for staff.

“We want everyone to have the best possible experience and feel supported to succeed, especially during times of change in life,” said Erica Bourne, the chief people officer at Burberry.

“We believe our new parental leave policy, which is leading in the luxury industry, will make a significant difference to many of our colleagues around the world.”

The new policy is above the mandatory levels in all the countries where Burberry operates.

The announcement comes after FTSE 250 companies faced calls to publish their parental leave policies after Mumsnet research revealed that only 15 out of the 250, or 5%, tell job hunters what they can expect if they give birth.

On the other hand, Greggs tells staff what discounts they can get off pasties, while Pets At Home has a peternity leave policy for new animal owners.

In a Mumsnet survey, 82% of respondents said they were reluctant to ask about parental policies as they feared it might harm their chances of getting a job.

FTSE 100 companies, which include Burberry, have fared better, with 23% publishing their policies.

“We’re proud to have an inclusive culture and now a policy which equalises our approach in all markets, enabling new parents to take time with their families and phase their return to work,” Bourne said.

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