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Burberry partners with Tencent Games’ Honour of Kings

Tom Shearsmith
04 November 2020

Burberry has announced a partnership with Tencent Games in its popular online game Honour of Kings, continuing the brands exploration of interactive technology and gaming.

As interactive digital content is increasingly becoming a source of inspiration in luxury fashion, games offer another opportunity for consumers to connect with Burberry’s products online.

The specifics of Burberry's partnership is yet to be confirmed, it is however expected to incorporate virtual products into the existing online games environment.

Both Tencent and Burberry research indicates a sustained growth in interest in online games among younger consumers, especially in China.

In a statement the brand said: "China’s fashion-forward, digital-first customer is the perfect audience to receive new advances in Burberry’s digital agenda, such as exploring virtual products through the medium of online games."

On Monday, Tencent Games announced that Honour of Kings had surpassed 100 million average daily active users year-to-date.

Burberry launched its own first game, B Bounce, in October 2019. In December 2019, it announced its second game, Ratberry, in celebration of its 2020 Lunar New Year campaign. Burberry introduced its first multi-player game, B Surf, in July 2020 in tandem with its Thomas Burberry Summer Monogram campaign.

Josie Zhang, President of Burberry in China at Burberry said: “Online games are a platform on which we can tell brand stories in ways that we know really resonate with our customers in China. Introducing elements of Burberry’s house codes into one of Tencent Games’ environments allows customers to engage with the brand in more novel and freeform ways. Just like Burberry’s founder, we want to empower our community to explore their surroundings, whether it is online or offline.

Mars Hou, Vice President of Tencent Games said: “Working with Burberry and Mr. Tisci brought to us a lot of sparks in branding ideas and product design. The project signals a unique joint point where the East and West cultures have found a way to merge and create together. I’m sure we will surprise everyone with something really different and looking forward to the day when you can see what we’ve created in 2021.

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