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Burberry continues partnership with Marcus Rashford to foster kids' creativity

Camilla Rydzek
16 February 2022

Burberry has continued its charitable partnership with Marcus Rashford, teaming up with The Face magazine to create a zine and mural that champions children's creativity. 

Marcus Rashford previously started his initiative with Burberry in November 2021 to help disadvantaged children develop literacy skills.

Burberry and Rashford have teamed up once again to create a limited-edition zine titled "Dreamscapes", featuring students from the Holmleigh Primary School in North London, one of the schools the partnership supported in their previous project.

The partners hosted a workshops with the school's year three and six students, where students drew sketches of their future dreams. The sketches, portraits of the kids re-creating their ambitions wearing Burberry clothing, and digital art work created by multi-disciplinary Tegen Williams were collected to feature in the A2 zine.

A limited run of 1000 copies will be printed of the zine and then distributed to a number of community and art spaces around the school, as well as London and Manchester.

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