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Bras, footwear and fragrance: the top things Brits don't like buying online

Tom Bottomley
22 July 2019

Some 82% of Brits are now shopping online monthly but there are certain items – from footwear to fragrance – that they still prefer to shop in a physical store.

A new investigation by British online marketplace,, called "Items Brits don’t like buying – Online vs In-store" using data from Eurostat, reveals that a majority (58%) of respondents would not buy shoes online, while 47% said they wouldn’t buy coats or jackets online. However, the appetite for buying certain types of clothing online is growing with 77% saying they would no longer buy clothing basics in-store.

With online shopping becoming increasingly widespread, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are relying on it over traditional shopping. But when it comes to the items Brits would never buy online, bras come first with 85% of respondents saying they would rather try them in-store rather than buying them on the web.

Make-up comes next, with 81% of the 1,426 Brits surveyed saying they would be more comfortable purchasing beauty products from a physical shop. In third place perfume, 73% of Brits would not buy perfume online, perhaps due to the fear of them not being original.

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