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Boohoo transformation program declared a "success"

Camilla Rydzek
08 March 2022

Boohoo's efforts to tackle its supply chain issues have been declared a "success" by Sir Brian Leveson, concluding that the majority of the company's Agenda for Change (A4C) programme had been implemented.

In his fifth and final report Sir Brian Leveson added that the "movement does not signify the beginning of the end of the process but merely the end of the beginning."

As part of the A4C programme, Boohoo will implement a new Supplier Hub plan, which will require suppliers to be verified under an independent system, with suppliers needing independent approval across sourcing, ethical compliance, and finance. Buyers will not be able to raise orders with any suppliers that are not part of the new hub and Boohoo will be launching 23 key performance indicators to help manage the practises.

The company has also been working towards further transparency, cutting ties with over 400 suppliers and publishing a list of more than an 1,100 suppliers.

The Agenda for Change was based on 17 recommendations initially laid out in an independent review by Alison Levitt QC in September 2020, which highlighted how Boohoo could improve its corporate governance and supply chain compliance.

One of the highlights of Boohoo's efforts to improve its corporate governance over the past two years include entering a partnership with London-based manufacturer Fashion Enter to support student apprenticeships in the UK last month.

At the beginning of the 2022 it opened the doors to its new Leicester garment manufacturing facility on Thurmaston Lane, and has been onboarding the first intake of the planned 180 staff. The company also announced that its executive bonuses would be linked to ESG targets.

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