Boardsports brand Globe announces Low Velocity sustainability plan

Living Low Velocity

Boardsports heritage brand Globe has announced its new sustainability plan, motivated by a desire to address the increasingly excessive production and waste of apparel in the boardsports market.

The switch up in Globe’s apparel range has seen the company value environmental priorities, quality and longevity ahead of fast fashion sales.

After two years of development, Globe has decided to completely restart their apparel program from scratch, replacing a comfortable income stream with a bolder new program that has not just revenue growth potential for the future, but more significantly, ceases to contribute to an ongoing negative impact on the environment.

Titled “Low Velocity”, Globe’s sustainability plan sees a commitment to long term change with a complete and timeless apparel range, ​focused on premium staple products as opposed to trend-driven seasonal products.

Peter Hill, Globe Co-Founder, summed up the mission best: “The clutter in the boardsports market and distancing from the real lifestyle and values of core riders was troubling. As founders, we looked at ourselves and thought what role, purpose and reason for being did Globe clothing have?

“We wanted to realign our entire methodology to represent the way our riders and customers lived and thought. We wanted to tip the whole approach on its head and make stuff we knew had purpose, authenticity, longevity and, most importantly, significantly reduce our waste.”

Living Low Velocity

Due to its non-seasonal, staple product composition, the range is lower velocity at every level of its life cycle; fewer raw materials, less global sampling, less shipping, less excess stock for retailers, less discounting and less landfill. The net effect – less damaging the environment through mindless consumption.

Globe CEO Matt Hill added: “Along with our riders, for some time we have been looking at ourselves in the mirror and wanting change. The environment was knocking at our door rather loudly and demanding action. We’re far from perfect, but we’ve decided to step off the fast fashion treadmill and are focusing on producing quality sustainable clothing for our riders and customers.

“With Living Low Velocity, we are conscious of our environmental responsibilities and will try to improve our impacts on climate change, water pollution, dangerous chemicals and waste.​ ​We are moving in a better direction, at a lower velocity.