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Bleckmann launches new white paper with latest omnichannel insights for brands

Tom Bottomley
03 May 2024

Bleckmann, a logistics partner for omnichannel commerce, has launched a new white paper with its latest insights for fashion and lifestyle brands.

The in-depth report sheds light on implementing the right logistics solutions to give brands a "significant competitive advantage" – helping to reduce costs, improve delivery times and grow their customer base.

As Bleckmann says, for many consumers "an omnichannel shopping experience is non-negotiable", offering greater flexibility and a more positive brand experience.

The white paper reveals how an integrated omnichannel model can also be a valuable strategic asset from a marketing perspective, helping to build a more complete picture of a brand’s audience with data driven insights.

Despite the many benefits of an omnichannel approach, Bleckmann affirms that careful implementation is required to make the most of the opportunities on offer for brands to realise their true potential.

One way of doing this is through a connected and centralised inventory management system. The white paper gives guidance on how this can enable both cost savings and an improved customer experience.

Bleckmann’s insights also identify the right model for a specific brand’s operational requirements, as "no two omnichannel models should look the same". The right solutions depend on a unique retailer profile and customer preferences.

You can download this report here.

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