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Black Friday sales so far in line with 2021 according to Barclaycard

Tom Bottomley
25 November 2022

As of 10am this morning, Barclaycard Payments – which processes £1 in every £3 in the UK – have remained consistent compared with the same period on Black Friday 2021.

Speaking on the early data, which will be updated later in the day when a clearer picture forms as to how may sales have been generated, Marc Pettican, Head of Barclaycard Payments, commented: “Our data shows that Black Friday is off to a steady start this year, despite the challenging economic backdrop. When looking at spending on the morning of Black Friday, so far today, transaction volumes are broadly in line with what we saw this time last year.

“We have also seen an increase in transactions in the week leading up to today, with volumes up 3.46% week-on-week compared to the lead up to Black Friday last year.

“It's likely the feel good factor in the run up to the World Cup, with the England and Wales matches on Monday of this week, has given retail and hospitality a boost. We're also seeing Black Friday discounts starting earlier each year, so while today remains the main event, many retailers started their deals earlier in the month.

“It will be interesting to watch what happens as we progress throughout the day, especially as we near England's second group stage match this evening.”

UPDATE: By 1pm a surge in demand meant volumes had down a marginal increase year on year. See updated story here.

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