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Billionaire Boys Club EU becomes official standalone “premium tier” brand

Tom Bottomley
28 January 2020

Billionaire Boys Club EU has announced that it has become a standalone brand, sitting at the top-end of Pharrell Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club offer, launching its first official EU collection in spring 2020.

Williams founded the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) brand in 2005, and it has become a globally recognised clothing and accessories label. The unique blend of streetwear and luxe apparel brings together fashion, music, design and culture.

The success of the EU line has cemented the value of having a team closely connected to European cultural scenes, led by Craig Ford, CEO of Billionaire Boys Club EU (and co-founder of the original Jacket Required trade show), and creative director, Ross Westland, that can create premium collections and collaborations.

Speaking about the creation of the Billionaire Boys Club EU brand, Pharrell Williams said: “When we launched the brand, BBC/ICECREAM always had great representation within Europe, and this has grown even stronger over the last five years with the development of Billionaire Boys Club EU. I visited the showroom in Paris last year and was blown away with the quality and execution of the EU collections.

“I told my team 'we need to call this BBC EU and segment it from the US line.' I’m humbled to officially announce that Billionaire Boys Club EU is the premium tier within the BBC/ICECREAM universe.”

The brand remains committed to embracing originality, creativity and self-expression, and the EU team has been entrusted with delivering premium collections and exclusive collaborations that are aligned to the demands of the European market.

CEO Ford believes that this move will drive international growth for the brand and ensure that it remains at the forefront of popular culture.

Ford commented: “Despite initiating and executing our own collections, we’ll remain an authentic incarnation of the brands’ original vision and we’ll continue to push it forward, with a focus upon high level fabrication and an ever evolving product range.”

The first collection to be released from Billionaire Boys Club EU is Spring 2020, available in stores this month. The collection adopts a military aesthetic, inspired by code and communication-based graphics, which sit alongside the brands’ classic sportswear silhouettes.

There is also new seasonal camo, which the brand has become synonymous with. All Billionaire Boys Club EU product will be easily identified via purple brand signature labels inside each garment.

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