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BFC survey finds overwhelming fashion industry support to remain in EU

Lauretta Roberts
14 June 2016

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced the results of a survey of UK designer businesses which showed that 90% of respondents were planning to vote to remain in the EU.

Of the 500 designers who were sent an e-survey by the BFC, 290 responded with a clear message of support for remaining within the EU emerging. Some 90% of respondents stated their preference to Remain, 4.3% voted to Leave, 2.4% were Undecided and 2.8% stated that they would Not Vote.

The results come just after the close of London Collections Men, which finished yesterday. Several designers at the event stated their preference to remain in the EU (with many taking their end of show bows wearing T-shirts showing their preference for an "In" vote and some including supportive messages on items in their collections), including Christopher Raeburn, Daniel W Fletcher, E.Tautz, Lou Dalton and Sibling.

Christopher Raeburn

IN sweatshirt at Christopher Raeburn

These results also echo the response from the recent Creative Industries Federation Survey, which showed more than 96% support for Remain among members, with barely 4% in favour of Leave.

However despite overwhelming support for the EU from fashion and the creative industries, the Remain movement was dealt a blow today when The Sun newspaper came out in favour of a Leave vote on 23 June.

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