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BFC auctions NFT art alongside Fashion Awards tickets

Camilla Rydzek
24 November 2021

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has collaborated with NFT artists to create unique artwork that is being auctioned alongside golden tickets to next week's annual Fashion Awards.

An NFT is a non-fungible token, a unique unit of data stored on a digital ledger which can take the form of a photo, video, audio or another type digital file. In this case, the NFT artworks take the shape of hand-drawn illustrations and short animations.

The golden ticket to the BFC's Fashion Awards, which are hosted by TikTok this year at the Royal Albert Hall on the 29 November, has an estimated value of £5,000 and includes red carpet access, fancy dinner and cocktail. 

One of the artists the BFC is working with is CypherCHK, an anonymous NFT artist who founded a community called Encryptas, which "pays tribute to the new emerging power of girls blowing up the system through the Blockchain".


The artist is auctioning two NFT artworks, Fashion Babe #31, which is part of the 101 BABES Collection featuring illustrations of "faceless babes" and ENCRYPTAS 5261.

"A faceless Babe symbolizes the power of anonymity possible through the Blockchain in an increasingly data sensitive and data invasive society. The Babe serves as a beacon of solidarity to all women as a future emerging power in the crypto space," the artist wrote. 

Another NFT artist the BFC collaborated with is Yam Karkai, who is the founder of World Of Women NFT, a community highlighting women and minorities in the NFT art space through philanthropic causes and reinvestment funds, bridging the gap between collectibles and single edition art worlds.

The artist is auctioning her artwork WoW #3684, part of a series of illustrations showing "unique, cool and diverse Women living on the Blockchain."

World of Women NFT

The NFT artworks can be auctioned for on the Open Sea platform using the currency WETH (Wrapped ETH). 2 WETH are worth $8,547.22, according to the website. 

A number of fashion brands have been tapping into the NFT hype in recent months, with Diesel launching a token just yesterday, alongside luxury labels Givenchy and Burberry as well as beauty brand Clinique

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