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Beyond Retro collaborates with Converse for limited-edition sustainable footwear collection

Tom Shearsmith
23 April 2021

Beyond Retro has announced its involvement in the latest Converse Renew launch, with the unveiling of a limited-edition collection of Tropical Shirts Chuck 70's.

Approximately 7,000 Tropical shirts were diverted from landfill and transformed into a vibrant array of one-one-a-kind Converse Chuck 70's, continuing on the iconic footwear brand’s legacy of enabling creative expression.

Beyond Retro is the UK and Sweden’s largest vintage retailer, offering the largest selection of handpicked vintage clothing to style-conscious shoppers, each store and the online shop is a celebration of style through the decades.

In a world of throwaway fashion, Beyond Retro provides customers with on-trend items without the carbon footprint. Through the cycle of vintage and second-hand product, Beyond Retro consistently seeks out innovative avenues to make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape, contributing to a much-needed circular economy.

“What was interesting about this process compared with our earlier upcycled textile projects with Converse, is the leap into the world of bright, bold, fabrics.” commented Steven Bethell, Creative Director of Beyond Retro. “Our years of expertise put us in good stead to delve into the mountains of used clothes to find the most special, authentic prints that are unique and relevant for customers today. The shirts chosen weren’t appropriate for sale, but had so much potential for upcycling. By choosing a dazzling array of iconic prints, the limited collection truly evokes the joyful spirit that makes Hawaiian shirts so timeless and celebrated.” has created a gallery with images from the limited edition collection:

Since beginning the partnership in 2019, Beyond Retro have upcycled over 62,000 pairs of jeans, 1,800 workwear pieces, and now 7,000 Tropical Shirts with Converse.

Bethell continued: “With an ever-growing desire for conscious consumption, there are so many opportunities to create exciting upcycled products for modern customers that are just as desirable, if not more so, than new. With partnerships like ours with Converse, we can encourage a more circular conversation.”

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