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Bestseller names new Communications Manager

Tom Shearsmith
15 September 2020

BESTSELLER has confirmed the appointment of 49-year-old journalist and documentary filmmaker Niels Christian Jung as Communication Manager, effective from 1 October 2020.

Christian Jung has been a journalist at Danish Broadcasting Corporation for many years, most recently contributing to investigative journalism at DR News.

During his time at DR, Christian Jung has produced a large number of documentaries and has left his mark on many aspects of society. He is also a former Cavling nominee and recipient of the Swedish sports journalist honorary award, the Torsten Tegnér award.

BESTSELLER CEO and owner Anders Holch Povlsen, said: “We are very pleased that Niels Christian has chosen to accept the task, and we look forward to having his skills in play, so that we become even better at telling the outside world about the many initiatives and agendas we work with in BESTSELLER.

“We are probably not known for talking too much about ourselves. However, we want to communicate clearly and precisely about the things that concern us and our industry. That requires some nuances, and we are confident that Niels Christian with his experience can help make room for just this.”

Niels Christian Jung adds: “BESTSELLER is involved in so many initiatives, from sustainable development in the fashion industry to charities and sponsorships. My ambition on behalf of BESTSELLER is to tell the company's stories with honest openness reflecting a transparent company that takes responsibility and that contributes to the wider society”.

Morten Norlyk, Press Responsible & Interim Communication Manager, is to take on the role of Sustainability Communication Manager, reporting to Niels Christian Jung. He will focus on increasing visibility on both internal and external sustainability communication.

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