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Benetton to open new stores in 2019

Alice Ierace
29 April 2019

Italian fashion brand Benetton has announced the launch of a new programme which will lead to the opening of numerous new stores in Italy and several other main cities by the end of 2019.The new network development strategy is taking shape through two store concepts, which will offer customers an innovative purchasing experience and a genuine immersion in the brand’s DNA. The first, called the new “Light Colors”, was conceived by Benetton’s Retail Design department, with the help of architect Tobia Scarpa, and will feature a distinctive lighting system.

“The lighting, built around three elements – Disco, Nón-Lá and Barra luminosa – creates a quality of light which brings out the ‘happiness’ of the colours of the displayed products. The originality of this project comes from the use of diffused, direct and indirect light sources, and the diffusion of linear light used in an innovative way in retail,” Scarpa explained.

The first “Light Colors” stores will be inaugurated in Spring/Summer 2019 in Novara, Rome and Palermo. Abroad, the new store concept has already debuted in Istanbul, where Turkey’s largest Benetton shop has recently reopened with this new format. More openings will follow and will include Faenza, Naples and Trapani, Bangalore and Deauville.

The brand opened a London flagship store in March 2018, which will now be considered the reference model for other stores located in the major commercial hubs.

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