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Face of the future: Beauty and the AI age

With the doors to non-essential retail stores intermittently slammed shut for the best part of a year – and physical product sampling severely restricted during the brief periods of opening, the UK’s beauty industry has been forced to innovate at breakneck speed in a bid to claw back vital sales.

The Interview: Daniel Kaner, president and co-founder of Oribe

The Oribe brand was born back in 2008, when Daniel Kaner, along with two partners including legendary hairstylist Oribe Canales, decided to go after an opportunity that they saw in the professional hair care category - to create a brand with a unique, boutique perspective.

The Interview: Arnaud Meysselle, CEO of REN Clean Skincare

In 2018 REN pledged to become Zero Waste by the end of 2021 - producing only recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging in a bid to create a brand that was not just Clean to Skin, but Clean to Planet.
Gone in 3 Seconds

Gone in 3 seconds: Mobile shoppers don’t wait for websites to...

Despite the huge shift to online shopping, consumers give short shrift to mobile websites and mobile web-apps that don’t work quickly or look right, according to website testing platform LambdaTest.

Deleted accounts and trips to Dubai. How should brands handle social...

At the start of the new year the lights went dark on Bottega Veneta’s social media. Vamoose, it was gone. No explanation and no logical reasoning.

Beyond Vegan: The vibrant shape of things to come for vegan...

Veganism, just like food and fashion, is now big news in the beauty and skincare space and as we enter 2021, with many consumers expressing a keen desire for positive change, the movement looks set to hit dizzy new heights.

Has the death of in-store browsing made us rethink fragrance sampling?

Retail experts will tell you that we are now a world of buyers not shoppers, due to the constraints placed on us since the...