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Balenciaga's CEO announces launch of metaverse business unit

Camilla Rydzek
02 December 2021

Balenciaga's CEO Cédric Charbit has announced that the Kering-owned luxury brand is looking to launch a metaverse business unit and is looking for a director to lead it.

Balenciaga has already made forays into the hyped "metaverse" with a collaboration with gaming platform Fortnite.

The OTB Group announced yesterday that it was launching a new business venture that was going to concentrate on finding opportunities for its brands, which include Diesel and Marni, in the metaverse.

The use-ability [of digital fashion] is the point that’s missing, but that’s making gigantic steps every day,” Cédric Charbit said at the Business of Fashion's VOICES event today, which is when he made the announcement. “Right now the climax of interaction with a luxury brand is that you click like, or comment or buy something, I think we can get to a next level.”

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