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B Corp-certified underwear brand Nudea launches recycling scheme

Camilla Rydzek
09 June 2022

B Corp-certified underwear brand Nudea has launched a recycling scheme called ‘Bra-cycle’, highlighting the importance of shopping responsibly.

Nudea said that it wants to "encourage its customers to recycle their old bras", highlighting the fact that 19 million bras end up going into landfill every year - the equivalent of 119 London buses.

A new campaign will highlight the launch of the new recycling scheme and feature nine influencers with a number of humorous posts themed around alternative uses of old bras, such as as a resistance bands and a fruit basket.

Consumers will also receive “One in, One out” information from the brand about how to recycle their old bras and receive 20% off next purchase as a thank you.

Nudea was certified B Corp in 2022 and said that it would be working with its recycling partner to take apart the components and recycle the fibres and metals used within bra manufacture. The textiles could then be used for new applications such as carpet backing.


Nudea’s CEO, Priya Downes commented: “From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to operating Nudea as sustainably as possible. We’re all about encouraging people to buy less, buy better and simply put, buy bras that fit. However, there’s no denying the fact that underwear is one of the most polluting categories in the fashion industry, so we wanted to address this by offering a recycling scheme.”

“Unlike a lot of other clothing categories, there is no second hand market for underwear. Once a bra has been worn and washed it loses its stretch over time and eventually is no longer supportive or functional and this is why so many bras end up in landfill."

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