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Avery Dennison announced as principal sponsor for Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Tom Shearsmith
29 September 2021

Avery Dennison, a market leader in innovation and materials science, branding, and manufacturing, has announced its role as principal sponsor of the digital edition of Copenhagen Fashion Summit, CFS+ 2021.

The new announcement marks the third consecutive year that Avery Dennison will serve as principal sponsor for the event. The annual summit gathers major industry experts and decision-makers across fashion and other industries including investment, NGOs and policy to curate the world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion.

The summit facilitates a series of agenda-setting discussions on how the industry can take action and drive change to improve the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing the fashion industry and planet.

CFS+ will be hosted by Global Fashion Agenda, a non-profit that fosters industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion to drive impact.

This year, the summit will focus on juxtapositions, with the theme of ‘Prosperity vs. Growth’. CFS+ will feature an array of panel discussions, online forums and case studies showcasing information on a host of relevant topics and “VS” themes, including clarity VS complexity, and partnership VS ownership. All content will be available online during the event.

As principal sponsor, Avery Dennison will be involved in all aspects of CFS+, sharing its industry knowledge built over eight decades, and showcasing its innovative solutions. The company’s sustainability experts will take part in the live discussions, videos and Q&As, demonstrating their work in the field and sharing best practices and case studies, including its latest collaboration with a US retailer.

Avery Dennison CFS 2021

Morten Lehmann, Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Fashion Agenda, said: “We are delighted that Avery Dennison will be the principal sponsor at CFS+ 2021. It is a very fitting partnership, as the theme of this year’s summit will be centred on seeking a balanced equilibrium between the fashion industry, our planet, people and communities, ensuring both can thrive and prosper simultaneously.

“Like Avery Dennison, we are on a mission to challenge the industry's path and discover new ways to diminish its negative ecological impact. Our decision to make this a virtual event for the second year running has enabled us to reach the industry across the globe, ensuring that everyone can be included in these important discussions. I hope that in turn, the outcome of these topical debates will help drive us towards the implementation of better solutions needed to create a better future.”

Debbie Shakespeare, Senior director of Sustainability, Compliance and Core Product Line Management, RBIS for Avery Dennison and CFS+ keynote speaker added: "Fashion is responsible for 10% of the world's carbon emissions and is growing as consumers are swayed by the latest season or trend. This growth comes at a cost, as creating new clothing adds a continuous strain on natural resources and the health of our planet. But, as the world has become disrupted by climate, social and personal change, so has the apparel industry."

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