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Loewe Jonathan Anderson

Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson: “Once I perfect something, I hate it”

Jonathan Anderson wants to recreate the feeling of home. Albeit in a grand, palatial way on the corner of Bond Street. For the new...

The problem with Debenhams – it’s not just indebted, it’s dull

Shoppers of all ages pile on to escalators below a cheery neon sign reading “Hello Brum”. They later head for tills where the lines...

Homecoming is just the start of the challenge for Superdry’s founders

When Julian Dunkerton, the co-founder of Superdry, took his seat in a City auditorium on Tuesday morning, he had no idea that he had...

Seconds out at Superdry as Dunkerton goes into the last round

It’s manbags at dawn. This week, the ding-dong in the Superdry boardroom that has seen co-founder Julian Dunkerton go to war with management will...