Eric Musgrave

Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave: Online Independence

Fourteen months of lockdown has caused lots of us rethink lots of things. One of my biggest changes has been in my opinion of independent fashion retailers selling online.
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave: Service not included

The phrase I have heard most often from business leaders I have interviewed in the 40-plus years I have worked in the industry is: “We pride ourselves in giving great service.”
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave: Time to ask the big...

Sustainable adj (of economic development or energy sources) capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing ecological damage.
David Wolfson

Obituary: veteran retailer and politician Lord David Wolfson

Veteran retailer and Tory politician David Wolfson, father of Next CEO Simon Wolfson, has died of dementia-related complications. He was 85. As chairman of Next
Eric Musgrave

In My View by Eric Musgrave. Hello New Beginnings.

It’s been an interesting year, hasn’t it? The extraordinary situation we have found ourselves in since March 2020 certainly has been challenging but I do not agree with those that claim, “It has changed fashion retailing
Julius Schofield

Obituary: fashion design talent scout Julius Schofield

Julius Schofield MBE, the talent scout who for almost 50 years found top jobs for British fashion and textile designers around the world, has died aged 91.
Marc Lovett

Obituary: jeanswear veteran Marc Lovett

Jeanswear industry veteran Marcus “Marc” Lovett, who worked in the sector for about 50 years, died on 31 January of heart-related illness. He was 84.