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Amazon said to be preparing to launch luxury fashion platform

Tom Shearsmith
09 January 2020

Amazon is reported to be planning to launch a luxury fashion platform in the first half of this year.

The new platform will reportedly work similarly to the concessions model in department stores, where a brand will run a mini-shop inside a larger space, according to WWD.

Amazon’s new platform will give brands complete control the aesthetics of their online space, and what products they decide to sell. Participating brands will also have access to Amazon’s logistics network, which will help with fast customer service and a variety of shipping methods.

Approximately 12 brands are said to be working with Amazon to develop their own space, though no names have been announced. Each is due to be introduced individually on the platform, which is to launch first in the US, followed by an international roll out including the UK.

This isn’t Amazon’s first attempt at breaking into the luxury fashion market – the retail giant originally tried to launch in 2012, but was not successful. The company struggled with how to present designer and luxury brands in a way that maintained their prestige and brand image.

Amazon has been increasing its interest in renewing the fashion market featured on its site, having launched StyleSnap in November 2019, a new Shazam-style shopping app that enables users to take a photo of a fashion item they like and search for similar styles on its website.

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