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Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal among the sites affected by huge global outage

Tom Shearsmith
08 June 2021

A huge internet crash has seen dozens of big name platforms, e-commerce sites and services go offline around the world, with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Twitter, as well as UK and US government pages and global news websites affected.

Throughout this morning users were presented with 503 error screens and websites failing to load, with others providing a much slower than usual service.

Fastly, a global online content delivery network (CDN), had reported an outage across its network, affecting sites which use its platform.

error 503

The US-based company confirmed it had found the issue and that its global network was coming back online slowly.

In a public statement, Fastly said: "We identified a service configuration that triggered disruption across our POPs (points of presence) globally and have disabled that configuration. Our global network is coming back online."

The situation across the majority of websites has now resolved, with full operations slowly coming back online.

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