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Alon Livné and Hype headline Kornit Fashion Week London: Night Two

Jeremy Lim
17 May 2022

Night two of Kornit Fashion Week (KFW) kicked off with Israeli fashion designer Alon Livné taking inspiration from Vadym Meller, a Russian turned Ukrainian artist, to create his new Spring/Summer 2022 collection “Ether”.

In the same way that Meller worked, Livné chose to print gradient colour-changes using cutting-edge sustainable printing solutions and through puzzle-like collage-work created wearable art.

The collection features bold and artistic new body shapes created with 3d-patterns and wearable sculptures, hand-crafted by Livne, alongside club-inspired feminine silhouettes matched with fresh takes on classic evening wear.

Featuring a wide range of diverse models, the show blends together gender, ethnicity and size into one unique presentation celebrating life at Freemason's Hall.

The second day of KFW day closed with British streetwear brand Hype, featuring a ready to wear collection boasting the contrast of streetwear in a high-end universe, with monochrome and neutral colour palettes spanning the collection alongside pink and red injections.

The collection encompasses oversized and exaggerated silhouettes in a range of cotton-based tracksuits, t-shirts and dresses staying true to the brands conception.

Hype showcased their story via an immersive visual backdrop, alongside an electric live performance by drill artists K TRAP, Youngs Teflon, and Do Road, exploring the dark side of love.

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