Almost 100% of consumers tell beauty brands to be more transparent on ingredient listings

A study by beauty and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett has revealed consumers are demanding that beauty brands stop using confusing beauty jargon on their packaging.

The survey found that out of 2,000 British women, 97% want beauty brands to be more transparent about the ingredients present in their products.

Over 90% of women agreed that brands should use more transparent language on their packaging.

Holland & Barrett also reported that with consumers confused over ingredients listed in products, 92% of women are actively seeking natural ingredients over ‘household name beauty brands’ when searching for new skin care products.

Beauty jargons such as natural and cruelty-free were recorded as more popular than anti-ageing, tightening and line reduction.

Skin care expert Abigail James said: “When it comes to what to look out for on on-pack claims, the key ingredients I don’t want to see is parfum high up on the list, this is often referring to synthetic and can be a skin irritant.”

“Also avoid artificial colourings, on a product label it would have the name of a colour and number preceded by a letter, for example fd&c or d&c.”

Holland & Barrett’s Beauty Trading Director, Joanne Cooke said the brand was “committed to improving levels of transparency, traceability and sustainability” throughout its supply chain.

Recently there has been a rise in beauty brands catering to the consumer demand for more transparency.

Subscription beauty brand box, Glossybox recently launched its debut line of own-brand skin care products and marketed this range as ‘no-nonsense’, with each of the products’ three key ingredients clearly presented on the front of the packaging.

‘Minimalist’ beauty brand Five Dot Botanics has also created products to ‘simplify skin care’ by using fewer ingredients and promotes pared back skin care regimes.

In addition, British skincare brand, The Inkey List launched on a belief that better knowledge powers better decisions. The brand focuses on delivering a direct take on the most-wanted ingredients in skincare. Products contain as few ingredients as possible, all of the highest quality and at affordable prices.