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Allbirds launches its first running shoe made from renewable materials

Tom Shearsmith
29 April 2020

Allbirds, the sustainable footwear and accessories brand, has announced its first step into the performance footwear category with the Dasher – a running shoe made from renewable natural materials.

Created using eucalyptus tree fibre, Merino wool and sugarcane, it challenges the current indutry, which largely relies on synthetic shoes made from oil-based plastics that linger in landfills and spill into oceans.

From day one, Allbirds’s mission has been to tread lightly on the planet and to reduce its carbon footprint through natural material innovation and supply chain efficiencies.

Earlier this month, the company announced it was to be the first fashion brand to label all of its products with their carbon output to encourage accountability and inspire businesses, as well as consumers, to commit to a low carbon future.

The Dasher will be the first Allbirds product to display a physical Carbon Count label, which takes into consideration materials, development, manufacturing, and end of life. The shoe emits 9kg of carbon dioxide per pair, nearly 30% lower than the estimated average trainer.

Through responsible sourcing techniques, such as regenerative farming and new innovations, the natural materials used in the shoe could actually sequester more carbon out of the atmosphere than it takes to produce – ultimately becoming carbon negative.

Designed by athletic footwear experts to perform, the Dasher has been bio-mechanically tested over thousands of miles by over 50 amateur and professional athletes.

The Dasher features:

● Responsive SweetFoam midsole
● Natural rubber outsole which increases durability in high-wear areas
● Bean foam insoles offer low-impact comfort
● Flared heel creates stable base and slows excessive pronation
● Anatomically contoured footbed provides arch support
● Integrated heel-drop-to-toe-spring propels runners forward

Tim Brown, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Allbirds said: “For too long, the performance industry told us that athletic footwear meant synthetic footwear. By failing to make the most of what’s right in front of us – nature – we've missed some of the greatest performance materials in existence.

"Our multi-year journey to create the Dasher demonstrates what’s possible if we put the kind of innovation muscle into natural materials that’s usually reserved for petroleum-derived synthetics.”

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