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Allbirds becomes first brand to label products with a carbon footprint

Tom Shearsmith
14 April 2020

Sustainable footwear brand Allbirds has announced they will become the first fashion brand to label every product produced with carbon footprint information.

Beginning in April 2020, Allbirds is publishing the carbon footprint for every permanent product, with new figures to be published on product pages and printed on products annually.

The Allbirds Sustainability team developed a life cycle assessment (LCA) tool to estimate the carbon footprint of products, identify hotspots, and drive emissions reductions.

Carbon emissions data enables the Allbirds product team to make informed decisions in design and development, as well as track both product-level and company carbon footprints - which is offset to fulfil their commitment as a carbon neutral business.

The purpose of this methodology document is to share additional detail behind the product carbon footprint calculations by providing an overview of current methodology and assumptions, data sources, and future improvements.

Created in collaboration with Clean Agency, a third-party environmental consulting firm, the Allbirds LCA tool, and resulting product carbon footprints, will continue to evolve and improve over time with updated assumptions and methodology.

The ambition is that the tool will help change consumer behaviour so that one day, shoppers will compare carbon numbers like they do nutritional labels in the supermarket.

A standard trainer has a carbon footprint of 12.5 kg CO2e, with an Allbirds trainer's carbon footprint having a significantly lower amount of 7.6 kg CO2e, which is comparable to driving 19 miles in a car or 5 loads of laundry in the dryer.

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