Adidas debuts its most eco-friendly trainer to date

Adidas UltraBoost DNA Loop

Adidas has launched the fully recyclable UltraBoost DNA Loop, its most sustainable trainer to date, as part of its “Made to be Remade” project.

The Adidas UltraBoost DNA Loop, was released as part of the sportswear giant’s new immersive Creators Club Week, a seven-day digital festival that will see the largest-ever drop of exclusive shoes (70 new designs will feature).

The eco-friendly shoe has been created from 100% recyclable single TPU material and zero glue, which means it can ultimately be returned and reimagined as a new running trainer. The trainer has been spun to yarn, knitted, moulded and clean-fused to a Boost midsole.

Once the UltraBoost DNA Loop comes to the end of its first life it can then be returned to Adidas, where it will be washed, ground to pellets and melted into material for components for a new pair of shoes, with less waste.

Adidas vice president of brand strategy, James Carnes said: “We don’t think of UltraBoost DNA Loop as simply a high-performance running shoe, but as an experience where every owner plays a vital part.”

“To make this a success we need to understand the human element, how people can be encouraged to return the shoes to be recycled, because while we control the creation, we can only influence what happens when the shoes leave us. We can’t get there alone.”

Innovative and futuristic, the DNA Loop joins a family of UltraBoost footwear which is recognised for advanced technologies and pioneering manufacture techniques.

In April last year, 200 “creators” around the world were invited to road test Gen 1 of the UltraBoost. Following the trial, each piece was broken down and remade to produce Gen 2, which went through the same thorough assessment process in November 2019.

Now, the result of all that road-testing has been made available to 1,500 fans as Adidas invites up to 1,500 Adidas Creator Club members to take part in a beta test. They will help shape the future of the ‘Made to be Remade’ initiative and design journey through a 21-week programme, which will be driven by the Adidas app, with actions and feedback helping to futureproof the next model.

Carnes added: “UltraBoost DNA Loop is not just a shoe, it’s a movement and we want our community of creators to help us define a better future where products are ‘Made to be Remade’.”

1,500 members will be given the shoes for free by Adidas and become part of a “sustainability micro-community” who will co-create with the brand in “a true open source fashion to further shape and fine-tune the experience”. They will have to commit to returning the shoes to be “grinded, shredded and turned into something new.”

To join the trial, Adidas Creator Club members will be asked to prove their sustainability credentials by taking part in a quiz. Those who take part in the quiz will be entered into a global raffle and randomly selected for the experience.

Their experiences will be the highlight of the full commercial release of the ‘Made to be Remade’ franchise in 2021.

The ‘Made to be Remade’ project focuses on tackling the issues of plastic waste, using recycled materials and creating ‘closed loop’ or circular manufacturing models, where raw materials can be repurposed into a high performance products as opposed to common repurposed products such as water bottle or tote bag.

To launch the new sustainable shoe, Adidas has partnered up with model Karlie Kloss who features in the launch film and discusses her commitments to social and sustainable initiatives.

Kloss, added: “I’m honoured to help introduce the next iteration of the UltraBoost DNA Loop concept during Creators Club Week. Through this shoe, Adidas is leading an incredibly important conversation around circularity and fabric innovation. We hope this launch inspires creators to join us as we strive to create a more sustainable future together.”