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Adidas by Stella McCartney debuts world's first 100% recyclable hoodie

Tom Shearsmith
05 July 2019

Today adidas has announced strides in the continued drive to solve the problem of product waste with the introduction of two new apparel innovations within adidas by Stella McCartney – the first 100% recyclable hoodie created from garment waste with NuCycl fiber by Evrnu and a tennis dress created with Microsilk and cellulose blended yarn.

With the world producing an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste every year, adidas by Stella McCartney and partners are helping turn this problem into a more sustainable design solution. The new eco-conscious products were developed as part of adidas’ open source approach to creation.

adidas by Stella McCartney Infinite Hoodie was created with advanced textile innovations company Evrnu. The performance garment signals a move towards a reality where products can be completely recycled and repurposed. Using NuCycl by Evrnu technology, the Infinite Hoodie is made from 60% NuCycl and 40% organic cotton that has been diverted from landfills and can be reused again and again to be remade into high-performance product.

Infinite Hoodie Official Photography

Stacy Flynn, CEO & Co-Founder of Evrnu told The "There are so many amazing things nature can do. We're just scratching the surface of this. It continues to be our biggest form of inspiration".

adidas by Stella McCartney Biofabric Tennis Dress is a prototype concept incubated in partnership with Bolt Threads, a company that specialises in bioengineered sustainable materials and fibres. The tennis dress is the first of its kind, made with cellulose blended yarn and Microsilk, a protein-based material that is made with renewable ingredients, like water, sugar, and yeast and has the ability to fully biodegrade at the end of its life.

Biofabric Tennis Dress Sample

The inspiration behind the products is very simple, create product that not only performs for the athlete, but also for the world at large. Adidas is exploring ways to minimise waste via three focus areas - Made with Repurposed Plastic, Made to be Remade, Made to Biodegrade. 

James Carnes, Vice President of Strategy Creation at adidas told us: "Collaborating with partners who share our same vision allows us to combine adidas’ sports industry expertise with specialist knowledge to dramatically change the waste in the world. We're just at the start of this journey".

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