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Adidas and Allbirds expand performance shoe collaboration with latest launch

Jeremy Lim
12 April 2022

Adidas and Allbirds have collaborated to launch the Adizero x Allbirds 2.94 kg CO2E, the lowest carbon performance shoe both brands have ever created.

Launching in four colours, the shoe is the new iteration of last year's FutureCraft.Footprint shoes, with each pair having a carbon footprint of 2.94 kg CO2e and created with 63% less emissions.

The shoes's bio-based EVA midsole are made from sugarcane whilst its upper, lining and laces are made from recycled polyester and natural lyocell, a fibre made from sustainably grown wood.

In 2020, Adidas and Allbirds first announced their collaborative attempt to tackle the climate change situation foot first, with the launch of the Futurecraft.Footprint shoes in May 2021 pegged as the most sustainable in the world.

Kimia Yaraghchian, Product Manager at adidas said: " As we are already in the midst of climate change, it is important to show people that industries can turn the switch now, and that there is still hope to contribute to not exceeding the 1.5° target.

"Importantly, the launch of the Adizero x Allbirds 2.94 kg CO2E proves that like-minded ambition can help deliver low-carbon running shoes at scale. This project has laid the foundation for the decarbonisation goal. All the learnings from this project have subsequently and immediately been incorporated into the creation of further running shoes in order to achieve our footprint reductions more quickly. So stay tuned for more inspiring running shoes that will shake up the market."

Hana Kajimura, Head of Sustainability at Allbirds added: "Climate change presents a formidable challenge, but the success of this project is an example of how two teams can work together to create a shoe fit for performance and the planet. Our overarching ambition with this shoe is to inspire others to open up their development processes and cooperate with others to create the most carbon efficient designs possible."

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