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83% of consumers reportedly feel misled with sustainability buzzwords

Tom Shearsmith
23 January 2020

83% of consumers feel misled when it comes to green and sustainable buzzwords used in retail advertising, according to research conducted by

The research is presented just as many brands announce their sustainability dedication and priorities for the next decade. With a drive on finding creative methods of production that have a lower carbon footprint, new materials and less plastic packaging, there is concern that the message is not being accurately delivered and potentially alienating consumers.

The survey, completed by 3,446 participants found:

  • 83% of consumers feel misled by green and sustainable buzzwords in retail advertising.
  • 90% of consumers think retailers need to be more transparent about how green their stock is.
  • 55% of consumers said they would challenge retailers on their sustainability if they were unsure on their policy.
  • 76% of consumers think they need more education about what is and isn’t sustainable.

83% stats for eco

When asked “do you think retailers who use green and sustainable buzzwords have a genuine interest in sustainability?” Consumers answered:

0% yes
38% no
62% sometimes

When asked “which of the following do you think is key in making shopping greener?” Consumers answered:

Companies to recycle and/or reuse most of what they create in the production process (44%)
Environmentally efficient packaging (no plastic) (33%)
Green shipping methods (local pick up) (15%)
Products made with raw materials (organic cotton) (7%)

Earlier this week, the Global Fashion Agency released fashion industry sustainability targets for the next decade. Since December 2019, H&M, Debenhams and Adidas have also released their sustainability targets.

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