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50m, a new concept store for emerging designers, to open in Belgravia

Lauretta Roberts
18 April 2018

50m, a new experimental concept store dedicated to supporting and showcasing emerging designers, is set to open in London's Belgravia next month.

Created by London-based artists Something & Son as a way for new designers to get around the issue of sky-high rents in London, 50m will offer them a place to showcase their work in the sought-after Eccleston Yards location, where it will sit alongside independent fashion, food, co-working and wellbeing brands.

In return for an "affordable monthly fee", designers from the fashion and design industries will receive a dedicated rail space (the name of the store references the 50m of rail space available) from which to showcase and sell their work. It addition to the retail space the store offers, a hot-desking area, events space, café and social meeting spot.

50m will open its doors in late May with a members’ roster of ten of the most exciting emerging names in the industry, including womenswear designer Ryan Lo, fashion duo Kepler, womenswear designer Faustine Steinmetz, London College of Fashion graduates Laundry Service, menswear designer Ka Wa Key, Creative Director of Simo Markus Wernitznig, womenswear designer Luke Anthony Rooney, London College of Fashion graduate Bethany Williams and jewellery studio RÄTHEL & WOLF.

The store will have the capacity to take up to 30 designers at any one time, who will also have access to 30 industry and business mentors to inspire and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to help their business grow. Mentors include Cconsultant Nick Dunn, entrepreneur Alison Lowe MBE, photographer Peter Yip, PR manager for Victoria Beckham Florence Shippey, Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jeff Skinner, and London-based pattern cutter and designer Arena Page.

Paul Smyth, Co-founder of Something & Son, the organisation behind the project, said: “The fashion industry is a difficult industry to survive in and London rents mean the dream of having a shop is disappearing out of reach to everyone but the wealthy, leaving great British talent behind. Every year, hundreds of talented young designers graduate in London alone and many remain at the whim of the fashion industry, often getting priced out of the city."

The project is being supported by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland whose director of retail leasing said: “In Eccleston Yards we have created a new destination that showcases and champions creative, independent talent. Our development is helping Belgravia to work harder for its community and all Londoners with thriving, enterprising places that appeal to all. 50m will deliver a pioneering concept store that offers a platform for emerging designers which completely embodies the entrepreneurial and energetic spirit we aim to foster at Eccleston Yards.”

50m will open on 24 May.

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