2021 Colour Trends: Vitality

During this period choices made within design and product development are being challenged like never before. Colour connects to our senses in a profound way. It can arouse an array of feelings within us on a subconscious level it also creates a bridge, drawing together our visual and emotional senses.

Fresh tones that stimulate and invigorate add a powerful energy that awakens these feelings, adding an essential ingredient that enables a feeling of emotional wellbeing and vitality.

Fresh Cut Greens

Green is one of the most important colour groups of recent times, with a variety of tones being on trend.

Whilst the softer muted greens such as sage and seagrass remain key, almost near neon greens which are bolder and packed with more punch are developing as the modern direction.

These fresh Energetic greens are the colours which intrinsically links us to nature, indicating a deep intense saturation that can appear loaded with leafy Chlorophyll, connecting us to the healing properties of plant life. These signs of sprouting new life not only invigorate but encourage a sense of calm.

“The sight of vibrant greens is inexorably linked to the sense of smell—a freshly mowed lawn, the tangy scent of freshly cut lime, a crushed sprig of pineapple mint. As a result of this inevitable intertwining, there are two senses working hard to deliver a refreshing message to both the eye and the taste buds,” explains Leatrice Eisemen – Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute.

Stimulating Citrus

Warming oranges and glowing yellows that are close to the suns light bands unconsciously emulate feelings of warmth within us and the undeniable energy that comes with it. Akin to the feeling of a dose of invigorating vitamin D from the sun, or a refreshing bite of the zingy yellow yuzu fruit which is likened to the taste of freshly squeezed sunshine itself.

Orange stimulates the cognitive part of the brain, reducing anxiety and stress and correcting hormonal imbalances, and due to current circumstances, we are seeing brands harnessing the healing benefits as it is already starting to come through in trends.

The bold and punchy nature of these colours create memorable colour themes that work well within packaging and products that require eye catching aesthetics. These are colours that within the palette appear to melt into each other yet remain individual, they each add a fresh burst of colour by combining modernity with nature.

This dynamic palette works across all products and design categories’ is set as a key trend for 2021 and beyond.

Jane Boddy is a trend forecaster, fashion designer and consultant with a particular expertise in colour.