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2017: the year of "Power" fashion (and Woke, Floral and Vegan among others)

Lauretta Roberts
11 December 2017

Global fashion search platform Lyst has revealed the top 10 most used fashion words of the year with Power coming out on top of a list that also includes Woke, Floral, Ugly and Vegan.

As part of its annual Year in Fashion report Lyst analysed text from over 30,000 articles written over the course of 2017, across 100 different online fashion and lifestyle publications. The articles were broken down into their 8,610,630 component words, from which Lyst counted up the most frequently occurring combinations, and used sentiment analysis modelling to build a scale of the most important words of the year (not including brand names).

Power topped the list, which also included expected words such as Millennial, Woke (a reference to fashion's embrace of the political statement, such as Dior's famous "Feminist" T-shirts), Floral and Statement. But Lyst admitted it was surprised to see the words Ugly and Vegan feature so highly, as fashion embraces a more ethical approach.

The full top 10 fashion words of 2017 were as follows:

1 Power
2 Woke
3 Statement
4 Floral
5 Millennial
6 Extra
7 Masculine
8 Cult
9 Ugly
10 Vegan

For more on the trends, products and brands that shaped 2017, read our previous report on the Lyst Year in Fashion here.

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