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​Sainsbury's Tu launches "Dress Well, Feel Good" AW20 campaign

Tom Shearsmith
23 September 2020

Sainsbury's clothing brand Tu is has launched its Autumn campaign, aimed to inspire the nation to get dressed with their own wellbeing in mind.

As loungewear has become the new workwear and leggings the new jeans, consumers behaviour has shifted towards buying for comfort, with Tu seeing an 187% increase in orders across nightwear during March - July compared to the same period in 2019.

Tu’s Autumn campaign Dress Well, Feel Good, aims to celebrates the art of getting dressed, and pushes consumers to to consider how fashion can positively impact their mood.

Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Fashion Psychologist and Founder of Fashion is Psychology, said: “People experience changes in their emotional state with a change in their style of dress. Some studies have even found that clothes carry a tension release dimension, providing wearers with a dose of escapism that positively impacts their mental wellbeing during particularly trying times...the power of clothing to boost your mood lies in the associations you have with your clothes.”

The campaign features street cast models, showcasing the individual styles of modern Britain.

Stephen Bowes, Head of Campaign Management for Sainsbury’s added: “It has been a challenging year for so many families and we wanted to create an optimistic and thought-provoking moment to signal a new season and inspire the nation to dress to feel good – at a time where perhaps we need that more than ever.”

The Dress Well Feel Good campaign is available from today across selected Sainsbury's stores and online, with items available throughout September and October as part of Tu’s AW20 collection.

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